Win Green Playhouses

Take a Look at the Win Green Playhouses and Wigwams

Win Green Playhouses, Pavilions, Wigwams and Accessories have been brightening kids’ playrooms and outdoor space with their designs for over 10 years.  Take a look at the other playhouses and accessories available to order. Playhouses are available in small and large sizes and come in their own canvas carry bag.  All fabric parts are washable.  Accessories include: bean bags, organisers, toy bags, doorstops, bunting, hearts, cushion covers, aprons and bed linen.  There are also pet beds and Christmas Gifts available too.

Check out the Designs

We have many different designs available.  Check out the following list:

Toyshop (bright and playful reds, yellows, green and navy), Butterfly (pretty pinks and lilacs), Knight’s (appliqued castle in greys, taupe and blue gingham), Fairy (fairytale fairies in pinks and lilacs), Gingerbread (Cute cupcake motif with pink mini-gingham sides), Beach House (sailing boat motif with red and blue gingham) and Pirate (of course its a skull and cross-bone motif in black, white and red trim)

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Showing all 8 results