Christening Money Box – Save for the Occasion


Present this Christening money box as a gift to save for the day, or as a gift ON the day.  Whichever you choose, this Terramundi money pot is the gift that keeps giving!

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Christening Money Box – A Classic Gift for a Christening

Are you looking for a Christening Gift?  This Christening money box is handmade and follows an Etruscan design that has been going for over 2000 years.   Because the pot has the word “Christening” written in silver on a white background (“Christening on blue” and “Christening on pink” are also available to order),  it’s simple classic design is just perfect for the occasion and co-ordinates well with most nurseries decor.

How Much Money does a Terramundi Money Pot Hold?

How much money can you squeeze into this money pot you can’t open?  These money saving pots are such fun to fill!  An original size Terramundi money pot can contain up to £600 in gold coins.  Some customers we know have almost doubled this figure (with a  bit of £5 note cheating! ). So then what do you do when you realise this money saving pot is in fact, a money pot you can’t open?  Do you smash it?  Or  perhaps carefully slice the top off so it can be repurposed as a plant pot?

Handmade with Love and Care

This is an original handmade, hand-painted terracotta Terramundi money pot.  Each money saving pot is handmade with love and care, ensuring every detail is perfect.  Terramundi have been keeping the  Umbrian family tradition alive by making these beautiful and practical gifts in the UK for over 20 years.  They are hand thrown in the exact same way as they were  made over 2000 years ago!



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