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Hanging the Bunting for VE Day 75th Anniversary

VE Day Bunting - Little Mischiefs

The Bunting is out for VE Day Celebrations

Here at Little Mischiefs, an online gifts for baby shop, we have been hanging the bunting out despite the restrictions Coronavirus Lockdown has enforced upon us all. The sun has shone and social distancing street parties, tea parties and celebrations are all going ahead in honour of our war heroes who fought for victory 75 years ago.

With COVID-19 lockdown having become a way of life over the past 3 months, many of us are still adapting to the changes in our daily way of life; just as our grandparents and great grandparents had to do during wartime.

Just as it did during the war years, broadcasting to the nation has proved an extremely important part of our daily routine. Not only have Radio and TV played their part in keeping us informed and up to date, but they have also helped lift our spirits through music and drama. Families are coming together and friends are reconnecting through zoom, facetime or whats app. Neighbours are looking out for those in their community who need a helping hand. Strangers are no longer strangers – they are new friends. People are finding a way through with a little help from their friends – whether they are new friends or old friends. Just as they did all those years ago.

Why not share your 75th VE Day Anniversary moments with us too. Tweet us your videos or photos to @LittleMischiefs with #VEbunting.

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