Money Saving Pot – Funky paint strokes


The famous money pot you can’t open!  This money pot in a funky paint strokes design, is the ideal gift for anyone.

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The Money Pot you can’t open is a perfect gift for all households

The famous money pot you can’t open!  This funky paint strokes design money pot, is the ideal gift for adults and kids alike. The pottery money saving pot follows an Etruscan design that has been going for over 2000 years.  The British Museum holds examples in its collection.  The tradition is that the money saving pot is fed with coins and notes until it is as full as possible.  Then, once full to the brim, the striped money saving pot must then be smashed or broken to release the savings.  Most importantly, once the pot has been smashed or carefully broken (so that it can be repurposed), it is claimed that the good fortune inside the pot will be brought to its owner.

Is the fun in the filling the money saving pot, or that it’s a money pot you can’t open?

How much money does a money pot hold?  Well the answer is how much money can YOU collect in YOUR own money saving pot?  Is the fun in the filling or trying to access your savings?  We think it’s both!  Is the challenge to fill with as many coins until you just cannot fit another in?  Or is it to fill with as many high value coins (and notes if you feel like cheating a bit!)?  Then, when you have filled your money saving pot to the brim, how do YOU get into it?  Do you smash it until it is no longer, or do you carefully score and tap for up-cycling?  Whichever the choice, we guarantee you will fall in love with the money pot you can’t open!


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